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The Team

At The Hepatitis C Trust almost all members of staff have, or have cleared, the virus.

We believe that people with personal experience of hepatitis C are best placed to support those living with the virus, for example on the helpline. These people are also best placed to advocate on behalf of the hepatitis C community with politicians, service providers and commissioners.

All staff are listed below, some of whom have decided to share their stories:

Charles Gore - story

Chief Executive

Saskia Whitfield

Community Projects Officer

Kate Comyn

Office Manager

Shabana Begum - story

South Asia Projects Officer

Petra Wright - story

Scottish Officer

Samantha May - story

Head of Support Services

Catherine Corr

Health Day Workshop Manager

Colin Sim - story

Support Services Officer

Gemma Peppe

Campaigns and Events

Max Radigois

Support Services Assistant

Stuart Smith

Drug Services Lead

Jim Conneely - story

Outreach Officer - Testing Van

Richard Denny

Fundraising Manager

Kris Bramwell


Susan McRae - story

Training and Development Officer

Jane Cox

Policy and Public Affairs Adviser/ HCV Action Manager (currently on maternity leave)

Emma Ward - biography

Projects Manager

Becky Hug

Policy and Public Affairs Adviser/ HCV Action Manager

Neil Cowan

Policy and Public Affairs Adviser

Grace Everest

Policy and Public Affairs Adviser

Being patient led can be challenging for us as an organisation because people living with hepatitis C can have periods when they are very unwell, particularly on treatment. But it also means that the atmosphere at The Trust is extraordinarily passionate, positive and mutually supportive.

The team has grown from a couple of volunteers working every available hour to an ever expanding group of people whose breadth of expertise and understanding of the issues puts us in a unique position within the field of hepatitis C.

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