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Louie, Me and Hepatitis C Part 2

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Positive News and Importance of Diagnosis
Getting a film funded can take a long time and I’ve had a couple of false starts. I wrote a funding proposal around this time last year. Initial positive responses turned into money not being available for a year or more or requests to make my proposal sound more bio-scientific. In a way this has suited me as I’ve been on a bit of a journey since I got rid of the virus and I my head hasn’t been in the right place to make a film.
Louie's Response
As promised I am posting Louie’s answer to the question of guilt.
old lady
I agree with everything that she says.....
There has been a bit of a gap between my last blog and this one as I’ve been in India celebrating my new found energy and picking up new viruses.
New Blog
My new blog is about getting my film off the ground. The working title is Louie, Me & Hepatitis C part 2. I’ll think of something better soon.