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28th July is World Hepatitis Day 2012!

WHD globe_English.jpg

The second WHD since it was officially adopted by the World Health Organisation and all 193 member states in 2011 has been another huge success! It has bought global recognition of hepatitis in line with that of HIV, TB and malaria.

Events took place all over the world and the UK played a huge part in marking the day. The main global focus was on the 3 wise monkey awareness campaign. This saw thousands of people enacting the 'See no Evil, Hear no Evil and Speak no Evil' all over the world on the 28th July with a hope to make it into the Guiness World Records.

Many awareness campaigns were held around the week of the 28th July and the Hep C Trust would like to thank all those who participated. We have a gallery of photos from the many events and would like to encourage people to send in more photos of the day. The UK also held the Guiness World Record attempts in London, Bradford and Fife in Scotland.

see no hear-no-evil.jpg heptathlon glasgow.jpg Individual challenges.jpg
Lanceloud pink-tab.jpg Addaction whd.jpg GREAT BRITISH.jpg

If you have something planned already for WHD 2012 we’re compiling an online directory to promote your events and inspire more people to get involved. If you’re planning an event or activity please get in touch to tell us what you are doing, we can also help with event packs, resources, getting publicity and also media coverage.

For all WHD 2012 activity contact Saskia at The Trust at or on 020 7089 6220