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World Hepatitis Day 2014

World Hepatitis Day is fast approaching. Monday 28th July 2014 has been recognised as one of only four official disease specific health awareness days by the World Health Organisation since 2010.

This year, with viral hepatitis claiming the lives of 1.5 million people annually the world is being urged to 'think again' when it comes to the virus.

The day is our chance to call for a change in attitude to hepatitis, a virus that kills as many people as HIV/Aids each year.

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Hepatitis: Think Again

This year's campaign invites you to send in pictures that have made you think twice, they might be a face in an object, a shape in a cloud, a riddle, visual puzzles, anything which has challenged you to think again.

You can post them on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #thinkhepatitis.

You can also join the hundred of people and organisations who will be sharing the same message at the same time by taking part in the Thunderclap and adding your voice to the growing movement.

The world needs access to treatment, better prevention programs and governments action and together we can work to make this happen.