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Other questions

Is there anyone I can speak to about my rights?

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) should be able to advise you on your rights regarding almost any matter connected with your hepatitis C. You can call them on their helpline number 0808 800 0082 or visit their website

Alternatively, your local Citizens Advice Bureau may be able to provide you with information and advice. You can find their telephone number on their website or in your local directory, or by contacting your local library.

For issues concerning employment ACAS offers a confidential and impartial service and can be contacted on 08457 474 747.

Are there many other people in the same position as me?

You are not alone. The current estimate for the number of people with hepatitis C in the UK is 215,000 (July 2013). At the moment only around 100,000 of these people are aware that they are infected with the virus.[1]

How come you do not hear much about them or hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C (HCV) is still a relatively ‘new’ disease.the virus was only identified in 1989 the majority of people infected in the UK remain undiagnosed, and HCV awareness is poor across all sections of the population.

What do I do next?

Now that you have been diagnosed you will be offered help from the medical profession. It is very important that you begin to develop a relationship with the healthcare professional responsible for your care. (See Dealing with Doctors.) This may be your GP or your specialist. Your treatment may also include an alternative/complementary healthcare practitioner, or a combination of all of these. You will be offered a range of treatment options. Together with your healthcare practitioners, you can decide on which ones are the best for you.

[1] Hepatitis C in the UK, Public Health England, July 2013