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Project Manager Emma Ward's Biography

Having now been our project manager for over four years, Emma has a wealth of experience working for organisations specialising in hepatitis.

She came to the Trust in 2010 having spent three years working for the Hepatitis Council of New South Wales (NSW) in Sydney, Australia. Here Emma provided information, basic counselling support and referrals for people affected by hepatitis C via the helpline, drop in service and monthly support group.

Emma went on to manage and develop the Hepatitis C Helpline and Prisons Hepatitis C Helpline for the Hepatitis Council of NSW. She combined this with a project called ‘Hep Connect’, a peer based volunteer support service for which she recruited, trained and supported the volunteers in order to enable them in turn, to help their peers.

Her previous charity work extends to being a helpline worker at ‘Lone Parent Families’ where she provided telephone advice, information and basic counselling to lone parents on a range of issues including state welfare benefits, family law, the Child Support Agency and parenting. Emma has also been a campaigns assistant for the Dogs Trust.

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At The Hepatitis C Trust, Emma is responsible for overseeing a range of projects including the peer to peer education and training, our mobile outreach and testing service, as well as South Asian community testing and awareness work. Her achievements include guiding the Trust through a new strategic planning process in 2011, developing the Peer to Peer Education service from scratch and overseeing the development of a 2 year peer support project in Coventry.

She is currently working on a project to identify how to communicate with undiagnosed people in the UK, is involved in a major research study into peer interventions and is planning the 2015 Hepatitis C Trust Patient Conference.