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Scottish Officer Petra Wright's story

Petra Wright is based at our dedicated Scotland office in Edinburgh and has been since September 2009.

She works with patients, journalists and all stakeholders involved in delivering the Sexual Health and Blood Born Virus Framework for Scotland to raise awareness about the virus and help improve services for patients.

Petra was a hepatitis C patient. She was diagnosed hepatitis C (HCV) antibody positive in 1991. Petra has been involved with The Hepatitis C Trust for a number of years, being one of the intrepid party that went trekking in the Himalayas for us in 2006. More recently she set up an HCV Support Network in Forth Valley.

Petra says: “Back in 1991, the virus had only recently been named but not much was known about it. Late in 2003, I had gynaecological and bladder problems. Various tests revealed nothing and my liver function was fine. My concentration was shot to pieces and I found learning new tasks at work very difficult. I became increasingly frustrated and was finally referred to a hospital where my diagnosis of chronic HCV infection was confirmed. My particular strain of the virus is genotype 3 which responds well to treatment. I began 24 weeks of treatment in the summer of 2004. Unfortunately I relapsed and the virus returned, but completed a further 48 week course of treatment in 2011 and successfully cleared the virus at this attempt.”

Petra has done her best to raise awareness of hepatitis C within her local community and nationally by having her case study highlighted in the Scottish media.

“Working with The Hepatitis C Trust has allowed me to rebuild my self-respect, she adds.

“My life is not over, just different.”

Petra Wright

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