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Personal Hygiene Articles

Razors, hair and nail clippers, scissors and toothbrushes will, at times, come into contact with blood. Even tiny traces of dried blood may be sufficient to cause infection so it's best not to share these articles if you have hepatitis C. Ideally, store them separately so that no one will borrow them by mistake, especially children.

Razor blades and toothbrushes are particularly vulnerable to accumulating specks of dried blood. They should be stored separately and not shared with others.

Household Transmission

If you have hepatitis C and you have an accident that causes bleeding, it is important to be aware of what your blood has come into contact with. Clean all surfaces and implements thoroughly with bleach and rinse. If you have used anything to staunch the flow such as tissues or sticking plasters, ideally dispose of them in a sealed plastic bag. This also applies to used sanitary towels and tampons. Non disposable items should be washed at the highest possible temperature with added bleach.