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Body piercing, tattoos, electrolysis and acupuncture

If you have hepatitis C and want to get a tattoo, piercing or have electrolysis, the responsible thing to do is to inform the person carrying out the procedure. They should, anyhow, be taking the following precautions:

  1. Using new sterile needles each time
  2. Properly sterilising re-usable equipment
  3. Using new jewellery
  4. Using new ink for each person and cleaning the containers between customers.

If you are going to pierce or tattoo at home, use new equipment for each person and dispose of everything with care. To dispose of a piercing needle safely, put a cork over the point and place it in a sharps bin or in a thick plastic container with a top or lid.


Because awareness of infection control varies widely from one practitioner to another, it is advisable to let your acupuncturist know you have hepatitis C.