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The Trust in the News

01 Oct 2012 Hepatitis screening pilot yields high diagnosis rates
26 June 2012 Hep C roadshow launch
3 May 2012

Hepatitis C cases reach record level in Lothians

24 April 2012 Mobile hepatitis C screening to be held in four Warwickshire towns
23 April 2012 Hepatitis C testing available for residents of Warwickshire
14 March 2012 Free hep C tests for Dearne Valley
9 March 2012 Hepatitis C drug is 'a step change'
5 February 2012

Review of Liver Transplant Allocation Scheme

17 January 2012

More support for people with hepatitis C

10 August 2011 Hepatitis testing service launched in Coventry
02 August 2011 Bars sign up to hep C drive
28 July 2011 The Scotsman
28 July 2011 Work of HIV and hepatitis C charities celebrated
25 July 2011 Grassmarket holds World Hepatitis Day event
22 July 2011 Press Association Scotland
08 July 2011 Hepatitis C sufferer tells of close call
16 June 2011

Hepatitis testing schemes take off

08 June 2011

Yorkshire pharmacies launch hepatitis screening pilot

01 June 2011

Silent Killer in the South Asian Community

24 May 2011

Eight Brighton and Hove pharmacies offer free hepatitis tests

09 April 2011

Tackling hepatitis C: A tale of two countries

03 April 2011

Sadie Frost, Boy George and Lisa Moorish raise £10,000 for the Hepatitis C Trust

01 April 2011

Horne Again: interview with Mat Horne

30 March 2011

Branded for life: DIY tattoo kits for just £30 pose a health risk to children

29 March 2011

Home tattoo kits 'are putting teenagers at risk from disease'

11 March 2011

Cultural Life: Boy George, singer

11 March 2011

The Hep C Trust Back Frontline First

07 March 2011

Get Tested! An evening with Boy George

02 March 2011

Barnsley pharmacies will test for hepatitis

02 March 2011

Celebrities Show Support For Hepatits C Trust

02 March 2011

Celeb Designers say Check it Before You Wreck It

20 February 2011

Boy, do I recogniose those faces...

16 February 2011

Pioneering plan to help save hundreds of lives in Bradford

09 February 2011

Whitehaven pharmacy offers hepatitis blood tests

09 February 2011

Pioneering bid to test for hepatitis to start in Bradford area mosques

08 February 2011

Stars in their icons

07 February 2011

Boy George: Comeback show will be a real drag

06 February 2011

Boy George vows to take on Lady Gaga with 'mental' comeback show

01 February 2011

Hepatitis blood test service launched in Cumbria

01 February 2011

Sarah Boyak MSP: Parliament Updated on Hepatitis C

31 January 2011

Testing for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C starts in six Cumbrian pharmacies

31 January 2011

Boy George's charity shoot with stars

26 January 2011

James Kelly MSP offers his support to hepititis patients in Rutherglen and Cambuslang

26 January 2011

MSP James Kelly meets patients at Holyrood

17 January 2011

Jamie McGrigor MSP pledges support for Hepatitis C patients

14 January 2011

Bowled Over: Hep C Trust at All Star Lanes

08 January 2011

Guardian letter: There is a cure for hepatitis C