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Nurses London to Paris hep C cycle

Two nurses are cycling over 300 miles across five days to raise awareness of hepatitis C.

Gillian Wilkinson and Michele Jackson work as two viral nurses at the Derby Royal Hospital and will take part in a Skyline London to Paris bike ride between 3rd – 7th September.

Michele Jackson explained why the pair wished to raise awareness about hepatitis C. She said: “I had a patient who cleared her hepatitis C but then died of liver cancer. She discovered her liver cancer three days after clearing the virus. It was tragic. She always told me to do whatever I could to raise awareness of hepatitis C. She was so active, doing runs and all sorts and was a real inspiration for people but was tragically taken from us below the age of 55.

“People still don’t know much about the virus or the seriousness of what a diagnosis can mean.”

The specialist hepatitis nurses have been preparing for the event since November after deciding to embark on the journey in aid of a cause they were passionate about.

London to Paris Use

With a week to go over £3,000 has so far been raised through a combination of auctions, cake sales, coffee mornings and donations.

You can show your support to the nurse via their fundraising page: