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South Asian community: 50 people tested for hep C at Birmingham Eid Mela

Around fifty people were tested for hepatitis C at the Birmingham Eid Mela this weekend.

Staff from The Hepatitis C Trust, Public Health England and the British Liver Trust worked to raise awareness of hepatitis C amongst the south asian community and test those at risk of the virus on Sunday 17th August.

Research suggests that around one in twenty people born in pakistan and living in the UK have a form of viral hepatitis with particularly high prevalance rates in Birmingham compared to the rest of the UK.

The Trust's South Asian projects officer Shabana Begum told ITV Central what she was doing at the mela: "We are randomly approaching people and saying we have this information, would you like to take it away? But we are also offering free testing, it's a mouth swab test, an anti-body test and it could save your life."

Birmingham Mela

Dr Mahmoona Tahir is the consultant with Public Health England West Midlands health protection team, she says: "hepatitis is an important public health problem that Birmingham has prioritised and one of the priorites is to raise awareness amongst ethnic minorities."

Pictured: Dr Mahmoona Tahir (centre), Shabana Begum (right)

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