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WHD 2014 Scotland: Twitter 'wall of stigma' to get people to # think hepatitis

To mark World Hepatitis Day (WHD) 2014 The Hepatitis C Trust will be supporting a special social media event being held in Glasgow.

People will be asked to send tweets to the hashtag #thinkhepatitis to help breakdown a wall of stigma and negative associations of the virus, which will be displayed on the world’s largest plasma screen in St Enoch’s Square on the 27th and 28th of July.

Members of the public and VIP guests will be invited to come up and “press the button” to bring down the wall. When the wall comes down the screen will display key messages and the World Hepatitis Day video will be shown.

The event has been organised by the World Hepatitis Alliance, together with the World Health Organisation (WHO).

WHD 2014

WHO will be running a Twitter chat on the same hashtag, with experts from around the globe answering questions from the public. Free testing will be provides on site and handing out information and answering questions.

The event will take place between 9am – 7pm on the Sunday 27th July and 8am – 6pm on Monday 28th July.

It will be attended by Dr Stefan Wiktor, head of the hepatitis programme at WHO, as well as representatives of the Scottish government.

If you cannot make it to Glasgow, in order to make the event accessible worldwide the wall will be streamed online at This live stream will be happening 24 hours a day over the two days.

Hepatitis C testing will be provided by Waverley Care. This is the climax to a month long awareness campaign in scotland by the NHS and the voluntary sector.

Hepatitis Scotland, Glasgow NHS and Haemophilia Scotland are also involved.