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Scottish party leaders unite in support for World Hepatitis Day

Party leaders in Scotland from across the political spectrum have united in support for World Hepatitis Day today. As well as congratulating the work done by the individuals and organisations working to tackle viral hepatitis, and hepatitis C in particular, they committed themselves to working together to build on the progress achieved in Scotland in recent years.

Ruth Davidson, Leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

"World Hepatitis Day on the 28th of July offers us the chance to reflect on the work done in Scotland on viral hepatitis, and the work still to do. In particular, hepatitis C, despite being treatable and curable, remains a significant public health issue in Scotland, with around half of all people with the virus still undiagnosed.

Today, on World Hepatitis Day, I congratulate all of those organisations involved in the day, urge the continuation of this good work to improve the awareness and testing of hepatitis C, and call on anyone who might be at risk to get tested."

Patrick Harvie, Co-convenor of the Scottish Green Party

"Viral hepatitis, and hepatitis C in particular, continues to be a significant public health and health inequalities issue in Scotland. With around half of all people with hepatitis C in Scotland still undiagnosed, it is important to use today, World Hepatitis Day, to encourage people who may be at risk to get tested, and to call on the Scottish Government to continue to support efforts to raise awareness, increase diagnoses and increase the numbers of people being treated for hepatitis C.

I congratulate the work done by many organisations in Scotland to raise awareness of the virus, and affirm my hope that the elimination of hepatitis C in Scotland will be achieved in the coming years."

Johann Lamont, Leader of the Scottish Labour Party

“The Glasgow Commonwealth Games is about creating a legacy of wellbeing both at home and abroad, and I can think of no better platform for us to raise awareness of viral hepatitis and to highlight the ground-breaking steps Scotland has taken to eradicate the disease. As part of World Hepatitis Day, I will be campaigning for improved risk-awareness, diagnosis, treatment and patient support, and I believe Scotland will continue to lead the way in the fight against hepatitis C.”

Willie Rennie, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats

"Here in Scotland we have made significant progress towards tackling viral hepatitis and more people than ever are now being tested, diagnosed and treated. But with tens of thousands of Scots struggling with this illness, and millions more across the world affected, it is clear that there is still a great deal that remains to be done.

World Hepatitis Day is an opportunity to recognise the success we have had in Scotland and reiterate our commitment to working to beat viral hepatitis for good.”