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Are you one of the missing 200? Isle of Wight campaign launches

A campaign has launched in the Isle of Wight to help identify the 200 people on the island living with hepatitis C.

Pharmacies on the Isle of Wight are offering free testing from this week with promotional activity running on buses, in local press and on radio.

One of the organisers of the “Are you 1 of the missing 200? – Isle of Wight campaign,” Kevin Noble told The Trust: "The idea of the service is that statistics tell us we have 200 people with active infection on the Isle of Wight who do not know they are infected.

"Pharmacies are well placed to test and support these people as they offer needle exchange services and also see clients engaged with treatment services on a regular basis."

Isle of Wight

The service aims to:

1. Target all risk groups

2. Highlight risks – in addition to those linked to IV drug use

3. Test members of the public who feel they have been exposed to any of the recognised risk factors.

4. Link all who test positive to the hepatology team and fast track these people to treatment services

5. Educate the public regarding risks associated with BBV, avoiding these risks and inform of treatment advances and improved success rates of treatments.

Isle of Wight bus poster

Testing Centres on the Isle of Wight

  • Boots - Sandown, Rink Rd Ryde, Bembridge, Cowes, Newport, High St Ryde, Sandown, Ventnor & Freshwater Day Lewis Pharmacy - Cowes, Lake, Shanklin, Newport and Carisbrooke
  • Tesco Pharmacy Loyds Pharmacy - Carisbrooke, Pyle Street Newport
  • Regent Pharmacy - East Cowes and Shanklin Gibbs & Gurnell
  • Seaview Pharmacy
  • Yarmouth Pharmacy
  • Niton Pharmacy