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Incapacity Benefit

If you couldn’t work because of illness or disability before 31 January 2011, you may be receiving Incapacity Benefit. Since 31 January 2011 no new Incapacity Benefit claims have been accepted.

You should claim Employment and Support Allowance instead.

From October 2010 and until April 2014 everyone who receives Incapacity Benefit, Severe Disability Allowance and Income Support paid on the grounds of illness or disability are being re-assessed for Employment and Support Allowance. Those found fit for work are told to make a claim for Jobseekers Allowance. The local Benefits Office are calling people by phone to inform them of the decision and not always explaining their appeal rights. Those who cannot work or have limited capability to work move onto ESA.

Unlike IB, ESA focuses on the type of work you might be reasonably be expected to do. You will be sent a letter informing you of the changes by Jobcentre Plus that you are being reassessed. They follow on with a phone call within two wks.