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Hepatitis C Trust advocacy

Call the Helpline 0845 223 4424 - open 10.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays)

Or email:

Dealing with hepatitis C from day to day can be exhausting and getting the treatment and care you need can sometimes be complicated and frustrating.

We can give information, and can help and act on your behalf if you are experiencing difficulties with any aspect of getting treatment and living with hepatitis C.

This may be:

• if your GP won’t take your concerns seriously and refuses to test you

• if you have had a positive test result but have to wait a long time before you can see a liver specialist

• if your liver specialist has told you that you do not meet the criteria for treatment but you disagree

• if you have started treatment and are not getting the sort of support from the clinic treating you that you think you should be getting

• if you have a problem concerning re-treatment

• if your local PCT has said that they don’t have the funds for you to have treatment as soon as you would like

• if you have decided that you are not going to have treatment, or perhaps you can’t have treatment, but you feel you are not getting the right level of monitoring from your specialist.

• if you think that you contracted HCV from blood products before 1991 and you are having difficulty with your Skipton Fund claim for compensation

• If you are having trouble with your employer

• If you can’t work and are having difficulty claiming Incapacity Benefit or Disabled Living Allowance

• If you just don’t know what level of service you have a right to expect from your doctor and don’t know what your options are

Any of these things can be difficult to deal with when you are feeling ill. That is why we have an Advocacy Service - to work on your behalf to get you the best possible care, based on best practice.

If you feel that you would like help or if you would like someone to speak on your behalf then give us a call.

We can’t promise to solve your problem, but we will use our expertise to do our best to help.

The cost of calling 0845 numbers can vary according to your provider, your tariff and when you are calling, please check with your own provider for details. From BT domestic landlines the call may be free but this will depend no your price plan, again please check before calling. Calls to 0845 numbers from other landlines and mobiles can cost considerably more so you may wish to call our alternative number +44 20 7089 6321.