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GPs and health advisors


Your own GP can be a source of information, referral, and even emotional support. If they do not have much experience of patients with hepatitis C (some may have none) they should be willing to learn in order to support you. Although you will probably find that your hepatitis C is managed mostly via specialist clinics, consultants and hospitals, your GP is responsible for your general health care and should be an important part of the team that is looking after you.

Health advisors

Some hospitals or clinics have Health Advisors, and many of them are trained in counselling skills and are able to offer short-term counselling. Depending on the clinic they work from, they may be experienced in working with people with hepatitis C, and have a good knowledge of the illness and its management. In some cases, they may run support groups, but generally speaking they can be seen on a one-to-one basis.