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Day 106 May 27 2013

Antz Main

The news about my plummeting viral load has sunk in now and I’m very happy about it.17 million to 76 in one week is unbelievable.

Everyday for the last few years I’ve woken up hung-over even though I haven’t had a drink for nearly 12 years. My body hurts and my head feels like someone has hit me with a frying pan. Yesterday morning I got up, after little sleep and the hangover wasn’t there. I moved my arms and legs about and thought blimey this is new!

I had an event yesterday at Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel. We took the artwork that hadn’t gone on Wednesday and joined DJ Antz for Play it by Ear, which accompanies a Pike’s Sunday Roast. Mark Jones and his wife Charlotte (DJ Lottie) came down and DJ’d as well. Mark didn’t let a single person in the vicinity get away without donating at least €10. It was a fun afternoon. Despite my lack of sleep (side effect of ribavirin) I got through it all fine. We raised £3K. Dawn and Andy who are the founders of Ibiza Rocks have been supporting The Hep C Trust for the last 7 years. It was great to go with some good news about the new drugs and let everyone know that things are changing.

I was tired when I left but not destroyed like I normally would be. Also since I came off the placebo my hair is glossy again and my skin has cleared up. The only side effects are lack of sleep, stomach problems and shortness of breath. None of these side effects are bothering me unduly. The shortness of breath only occurs if I climb slopes or stairs.

The pic is lovely DJ Antz, a really excellent man indeed.


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Hi Penny, yes I think the drop in viral load has made a big difference. I remember how Louie changed during his treatment. I am very excited.
And Karla no I don't need any nausea medication, if I do feel a bit queasy sometimes it's very mild and passes quickly
Gemma from Ibiza, 31 May 2013 06:22
Rating: 4/5medication
Hi, hope you are getting along with the treatment well. Are you taking anti nausea medication?
karla from bristol, 30 May 2013 21:33
Rating: 5/5Brilliant news xxxxxx
Gemma, this is abs fab are probably feeling better, because the nasty little viral molecules are being beaten big time!!! Yippee...............Keep strong and enjoy your time away xxx
Penny from uk, 27 May 2013 18:15