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Day 166 July 24 2013

Kirsty A (Preview)

I was in my office at 8am this morning. I haven’t done that in 7 years of working at The Trust. I was the 1st person in and I told every single person as they arrived. Someone told me to be quiet because I was scaring them

On Saturday I went to a wedding. Social occasions have been an ordeal of late. They have meant being out and feeling ill as opposed to being at home and feeling ill.

I enjoyed this wedding though. I had fun chatting to old friends and new people and I was genuinely interested to hear what people had to say. I made a speech for the bride, Kirsty because she is one of my oldest and closest friends.

I’ve had a major shift in my outlook. When you have a chronic illness you become insular. Without realizing it you draw an invisible line between yourself and the rest of the world.

There are reasons not to let people get close. One reason is obvious; when you are ill everyone is annoying. I haven't wanted to get into conversation with people because it inevitably leads to

having to talk about myself. There is no point getting to know new people if you feel too tired to go and see the ones you know already.I wasn't conscious that I had been doing this but now I'm getting better it's crystal clear. It's like letting the sun back in after a long winter.

The pic is Kirsty looking stunning. Also she's shy..


Rating: 5/5Hi Stuart
Stuart good to hear from you. Mid treatment I still felt rubbish. And truth is, as good a day as yesterday was I've been shattered today. On the whole though I'm doing so much more and the freedom from the constant fatigue and aches and pains is so great. It's making me very happy. I bet two weeks from now you'll be feeling like I do. Please let me know
Gemma from London, 25 July 2013 19:05
Rating: 5/5a new dawn rises
thanks Emma for your increasing enthusiasm for heading into unexplored territory of being a hep c human being free to discover new avenues previously out of your reach.

Currently 9 weeks into the same trial as you, cant say I feel as liberated yet, very tired. I had previously sustained myself with Chinese herbs and Yoga which worked most of the time giving me a good quality of life, however I am planning big with my Hep c free status, the world and all its gifts seems so much more in abundance now.
Hoping you can savour and enjoy the run to the finish line of treatment, finally arriving in the promised land.
stuart from bristol, 25 July 2013 14:55