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Day 229 September 26 2013

cupboard (Preview)

I received exciting news in clinic today. If I’m still clear next month it means I am cured. Apparently guidelines have changed; 12 weeks post treatment is when you get the all-clear now. This may only apply to treatment with the protease inhibitors.

It was my 8 week post treatment check today. The last month has been up and down. Two weeks ago I took a week off work to start an exercise regime as I was still feeling achy, sluggish and toxic. I remember Louie turned a corner post treatment when he started running. A Bikram yoga studio has opened up 5 minutes from my house.

Sweating in a 40 degree studio for 90 minutes bizarrely gave me lots of energy and I spent the rest of the week at Ikea and building things for my house. I cleared out my cupboards and put in little shelves. I found plenty of food with a sell by date of 2009 which I’d probably bought 2 years prior to that. I haven’t had the energy to tackle jobs in my house for years. Godfrey Bloom would have definitely call me a slut.

To hopeful hep C patients who are waiting for this treatment, I can honestly say that just 2 months post treatment I have a new lease of life. My next step is to bike from Battersea to London Bridge for work every day (maybe not every day).

I will report back next month once I have my test results through and that will conclude my blogs. I look forward to being able to write good news.

The picture is my clean and sorted cupboard. A slut wouldn’t have cupboards that clean!

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Rating: 5/5Well done
Hi Gemma so glad all is going well, you sound very bright and positive all good signs.Will miss your treatment diary when you finish next month!! Xx
Linda from Bedfordshire, 29 September 2013 09:53