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Day 257 October 23 2013

Gem Bloods

I went to clinic today to do my 12 week blood tests which will determine if I’m cured. I was so nervous I wanted to puke. Kings College Hospital has been the scene of a lot bad news for me and Louie.

I believe that this treatment will work but I’m still a bag of nerves. I’ll find out on November 8 what the results are.

So I’m 12 weeks post treatment and I’ve been feeling amazing, although I have been catching every cough, cold and sore throat in London. I never knew you could get out of bed in the morning and not want to lie down again straight away.

I thought everyone was more disciplined than me as they were able to work through the tiredness. Feeling OK when I wake up is a revelation.

Before I went to the hospital this morning I was transcribing film for my documentary. I came across some footage of me and Louie from February 2013. I’m posting it because I think it illustrates perfectly how my F*** You! attitude has got us through the last few years. I'd quite like to get down off the defensive now though.

I call this clip – I Agree With Everything She Says

I agree with everything she says from Catching The Virus on Vimeo.


Rating: 3/5Great news
Hi Gemma, its great to hear your news, very well done. I finished triple therapy in July and I was still clear at my 12 week post treatment test. The nurses have said I should be home and dry and the virus gone forever. I have to go back on the 23rd December for my final test but they believe its just a formality. It is a great feeling, triple therapy wasn't easy but getting rid of hep C means it was all worth while.
Lots of love and best wishes
John x
John from Liverpool, 05 November 2013 13:55
Rating: 5/5Too good to lose
Hi Gemma
commented previously, also been on abbvie trial and two weeks behind you! currently 8weeks clear post treatment, feeling well and very excited.
With you on the anxiety levels prior to results, nearly home and dry, so much at stake, however I do have good feeling about this, so hope you find permanent freedom from the Big c this time round
can't tell you how well I feel post treatment, it's like being given a whole new life, loving it!
Stuart from Bristol, 23 October 2013 22:05