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Day 273 November 8 2013

Bat Cure

I’m cured. It’s over and I’m back in control.

Louie and I have just been walking in Battersea Park taking it all in. We’ve been to hell and back and didn’t realize at the time. To both be ill, tired, in pain and depressed for years on end was the norm for us. Life in our house has been claustrophobic with little room for tolerance or empathy.

2013 has seen Louie get the all-clear back in March and it was my turn today. Kosh, our consultant said today that he’s realized hep C is about so much more than just being a liver disease. It has effected and dominated every area of lives.

To everyone living with hepatitis C, I want to say that this treatment is miraculous. Both Louie and I started to feel better while we were on it, unlike being on interferon or talaprivir. We have the same energy as anyone now probably we are fitter. Louie sat the maths entrance exam for Oxford University this week (whether he gets in or not is something else) & I’m marveling at my newfound energy and reveling in the knowledge I’m healthy. We are happy, grateful and feel so lucky to have got a chance to do these drugs.

This will be my last blog but please watch out for Kickstarter activity for my documentary in the New Year.

The pic is Battersea Park this morning all shiny, shimmery and full of possibility like my life now….


Rating: 5/5Congratulations
Congratulations, reading your posts bought back memories for myself as I did a TMC 435 second generation protease inhibitor trail two years ago now. I too was cleared, and only had to do 6 months treatment instead of 12 and what a blessing. I am so happy for you. Congratulations.
Jeremy from Nottingham, 03 December 2013 16:50
Rating: 3/5Hoorah!
Hoorah will do!!! Xxx
Richard O from Londonish, 16 November 2013 15:40
Rating: 5/5Just read your diary as recommended by the Hep C trust.
What an accomplishment and inspiring to read compared to the many horror stories I've read. I had my first consultation today and am planning on waiting for the treatment to develop further. It scares me as much as the virus. I am just not prepared to put myself and my family though that kind of hell. I admire your tenacity and candidness.
Philip from London, 14 November 2013 14:37