6 month follow up!

I had my 6 month follow up appointment on 06.11.12 and I remain ‘Undetected’. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am, still reserved a little as I won’t have the final blood test until 23rd April 2013, but I have allowed myself to to get excited but I mustn't be complacent, I know this horrible virus can hide. I am realising though as the days roll by that ‘Hep C’ isn’t on my mind 24/7, even after this short time of being rid of the virus it is beginning to take a back seat which is a lovely feeling. My next diary entry will be in the Spring.

To all those in contact with ‘Hep C’ I wish you well on your journey. I will also take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas.

End of Diary entry.

I wish you all a Happy Christmas and lets see what good things the new year brings us all. Thanks for all your support along the way.


[Image: Rating: 5/5]Thanks for your comment
Thank you Penny, I'm sorry I haven't replied Knowone has replied to my diary before :-( and I have only just seen yours while putting my diary entry in. I hope it has been of some help to people I have never done anything like this before so perhaps it didn't come accross that well in written text. I wish you and your husband well and there are so many good things happening at the moment with Hep C, treatments are evolving leaps and bounds. :-) x
Maggie from Kent, 26 June 2013 14:40
[Image: Rating: 5/5]Brill news
I am so pleased for you!! It is interesting to read about a trial - as my husband needs to do treatment early next year - I am 6 weeks off finishing the 24 weeks telaprevir - and it is the interferon messing with me now! so trials without interferon would be a god send! Well done and Merry Christmas x
Penny from UK, 11 December 2012 09:43

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