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Penny's Treatment Diary

A patient named Penny has kindly offered to keep a diary of her experience whilst on treatment. This may be positive or negative or may vary on a day to day basis. It is important to remember that many patients have quite different experiences with treatment. The Hepatitis C Trust aims only to offer impartial information and does not necesarily endorse the opinions held by one patient. However, we wish Penny all the best on her journey and feel the diary may be very helpful for others looking for an insight to the treatment journey.
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6 months post treatment – End August 2013
5 September 2013
Finally, after 6 months of being in limbo – and then a further month – following a ‘shadow’ on my post treatment bloods requiring repeat bloods, I've been told I am undetected!
Recovery week 16
20 May 2013
Well, I thought that I would touch base – as although I am no longer on the treatment, I am still involved with Gemma’s blog each week - checking to see how she is getting on. In a strange way, I miss writing each week – I found in the beginning it became a chore, but it was a way to rationalise what was going on with me – and now that I read my diaries back, I realise just how hard it has been.
Recovery week 10
4 April 2013
I have decided to stop the blog at this point.
Recovery week 8 and 9
28 March 2013
Yippee! My blood result shows a raise in my HB and a drop in my ALT – in fact the drop in my ALT is dramatic, compared to what it was 18 months ago!!!! So, my body is beginning to function a little more like normal now.
Recovery week 7
15 March 2013
Second week at work……and dare I say LOVING IT! Normality is much easier when you have a focus and something to get out of the house for each day (or for me, three short days a week at the moment). It’s a godsend to have your brain cells functioning and to be able to think a little clearer, and to hold an intelligent conversation without forgetting what you were trying to say or struggling to find the appropriate words.
Recovery Week 6
4 March 2013
Well, back at work for a few hours, tired, but pleased to get back to a little more normality. I never thought I would see routine life arrive. Having spent the last 18 months in the bubble of HCV diagnosis, coming to terms with my different life, and undergoing treatment, I am relieved and amazed that I made it. Side effects I am still challenged by are: fatigue, tiredness, muscle soreness (down to re-using parts of my body that had gone into hibernation) and hair loss…..which is still bad – I am hoping that it stops soon. My sleep is still atrocious. I am sure that it is related to the anti-depressants as well as the withdrawals from the hep C treatment. I am reliant upon the sleeping tablets – but am going with the flow, as I recognise that it won’t be for ever.
Recovery week 4 and 5
28 February 2013
Well, things continue to improve! Yippee……Though I am far, far from okay, I am functioning a little like me again – albeit me on anti depressants and sleeping tablets!
Recovery week 3
19 February 2013
Well how am I at the end of recovery week 3?...IN PAIN…BUT... it’s a good pain!
Recovery - week 2
11 February 2013
I am slowly getting there. It’s two weeks since my last injection and I have finally got rid of the flu bug I was lucky enough to catch at the end of treatment! What seems to happen with me is that I stop one lot of treatment and then notice the side effects I am getting from the other tablets. So now I am noticing the side effects from the anti-depressant. So goodness knows what was a side effect of what treatment or medication.

I wish I had managed without the AD’s and sleeping tablets, but I would never have made it through if I had not taken them. I know that. So anyone who thinks they may need them ….. say YES PLEASE!

I must admit - the thought of future HCV patients taking only a few tablets with minimal side effects will be a relief to many.
Post treatment recovery - week 1
31 January 2013
Had my final appointment with the hep C nurse on Monday – next time I see her will be in 2 months, to check my blood levels, then a PCR will be done 4 months after that – so the long wait begins!